Additional Services/Promotional Materials

So you wrote a book, have your cover, and are officially published, what’s next? Well you could sit back and wait for the dough to roll on in, OR you can actively promote your book! There are many venues you can promote at, on the web, blog hops, magazines, newspapers, book signings, conventions, art fairs, etc.

I offer a wide variety of graphic services for your promotional needs! If you don’t see something specific listed, shoot me an email and ask. Most anything you could think of falls under one category or another.

If you have not had your cover designed by me, I do still offer all of the services listed using your existing design, but I suggest you check to see if your current designer offers that particular service first.

Scroll down for samples!

Audio Book Covers

Audio Book Covers are either created from the files of the cover I made for you, or from your existing cover image. If you are looking to have JUST an audio book cover created from scratch, that would fall under Book Cover Pricing.

The final Audio Book Cover file is a 2500×2500 150dpi JPEG



Box Set 3D Images

Have a series or a serial collection you want to offer as a set?

You get the 3D box set image for Amazon and promotional purposes (roughly 2261×2500 300dpi JPEG) and the front cover image in an ebook format for sites that do not allow the 3D image. Or, we can mix it up a bit and add the 3D image to the front image as seen below:

Or how about a group anthology?

Facebook Timeline Cover Images

Formatted specifically to the current Facebook Guidelines.

Facebook Ads


Web banners can mean many things, whether it be a website/blog header, a facebook timeline cover image (if I did not create your cover), or just a promotional banner used on various sites.


[Cover Art for Breaking Twig was done by Erin Rankin]

Web “Posters”

Pretty self explanatory, and can come in a wide variety of different styles.

3D Book Web Graphics

This is something you see all over my page! I can create a 3D Book Image for any book, regardless if I designed the cover or not. If I did design your cover, then you would’ve received two versions from me included with the covers, the style I use to display on my site, and a laid down version. But I do offer other styles or angles.


Book Marks

Who doesn’t love a little swag? And what better way to offer your readers a little something than by bookmarks? Not to mention they’re great to hand out at conventions and book signings!

(the actual printed versions, photo courtesy of Yvonne Nicolas)

Note Card/Postcard Designs

Another great hand out (or inserts for convention goody bags) are the Note card or Postcard designs.

A 5×7 Note Card Series Design

Also doubled as a Poster Design

(Photo courtesy of Lola James)

4×8 Note Card

(printed card, photo courtesy of Liz Schulte)

Print Poster/Banner Designs

And when you are doing a book signing or attending a convention, how will people notice you? Banners/Posters!

A 20×30 Poster

(photo courtesy of Tony Acree)

Newspaper/Magazine Ads

Sometimes you want to advertise the release of a new book in a local newspaper, magazine, or flyer.

Black and white News Paper Print Ad

Fantasy Maps


One thought on “Additional Services/Promotional Materials”

  1. As someone who has made use of several of Karri’s services, she comes highly recommended. She responded promptly when I contacted her about needing images for both posters and banners. The prices are fair and the work first rate.

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