Karri Klawiter is a self-taught digital artist. She has worked off and on in graphic design for over 15 years, but it wasn’t until 2008 that she picked up her first digital SLR camera and began truly exploring the depth of her field. It wasn’t long before she won her first recognition and photographic award. Her work soon started selling internationally.

If you ask Karri, she doesn’t consider herself a Photographer, but a Digital Artist or Photo Illustrator. She feels her true talent lies within the editing process, where her creativity can truly shine.

In early 2012, Karri broadened her horizons and offered up her services for creating book covers. She now does cover art full time, but still tries to find time for a bit of photography here and there. Currently, there are over 500 published ebook and paperback books available with cover art by Karri.

To view more of Karri’s digital art and photography click here. For cover art click here.

email: kklawiter@gmail.com

Artist Bio: Born and raised in West Michigan, artist Karri Klawiter is above all else, a wife and a mother. She is blessed enough to be able to spend her 9-5 creating artwork for book covers for independent authors and small publishers. Her work ranges from Digital Abstracts, to Photography, to Photo Illustration and Digital Painting.


Artistic Honors:

  • 2013 Best of Photography Award – Rockford Art in the Park
  • 2013 West Michigan Regional Arts Exhibit – Finalist (Dragonfly, Vacant)
  • 2012 Novelscribe – 3rd Place – Science Fiction (A Question of Will Cover)
  • 2012 Halloween Contest (redbubble) – Top Ten Finalist (Patch)
  • 2011 As Time Goes By Contest – Top Ten (Silenced Disenchantment)
  • 2011 West Michigan Regional Art Competition – Finalist (Echinacea Dark Dreams)
  • 2011 The Color of Autumn Challenge (Redbubble) – Top Ten (Peaceful Autumn)
  • 2010 Live and Let Live Contest – Top Ten (Road King)
  • 2009 The Woman Photographer ‘s Flower Contest – Finalist (Columbine)
  • 2009 Woman’s Photography Self Portrait – Finalist (The Song of My Sword)
  • 2008 Great Lakes Forever/Anheuser-Busch Budwiser Photo Contest – Honorable Mention (Into the Blue)
  • 2008 Ghosts of the Past Photo Contest (Redbubble) – 1st Place (Lost)
  • 2008 May US Scenic Photo Contest – Finalist (Quiet Barn)
  • 2008 Dilapidated Doors Contest (Redbubble) – Finalist (Pioneer Portal)
  • 2008 Editing Frenzy Competition (Redbubble) – 1st Place (Ephemeral Partings)

10 thoughts on “About”

    1. Redbubble is a great community, and have really nice product. But if you want to make decent sales, you have to self promote, you can’t just upload work and expect it to sell. I love Redbubble, and would recommend them to any artist.

  1. I forgot to mention you do some really nice work: a lot of it is unique, and very interesting, drawing the attention deeper into it.

  2. I have emailed you regarding doing book cover art for “The Elder Blood Chronicles In Shades of Grey” and the rest of the trilogy but I have yet to hear back from you. Please contact me at elderbloodchronicles@gmail.com if interested. Thank you. Wasn’t sure whether email went through, I guess if you don’t answer this one you are not interested.

  3. Hi. Your site was recommended to me by someone on Book Blogs and I am so happy. I am in the middle of writing the first on a 4 book series and understand the importance of having a great cover for each. I would love to talk to you about my projects because I am sure that you would be able to do the work for me.

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