Cover: “Breeds 3” by Keith C. Blackmore

Check out the cover reveal for the third and final book for Keith C. Blackmore’s Breeds series, “Breeds 3”.

Coming soon to print and ebook!

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Cover: “Tragic Deception” by MA Comley and Linda S. Prather

Check out the cover for the first book in bestselling authors, M.A. Comley and Linda S. Prather’s new Deception Series, “Tragic Deception“.

Now available for pre-order!

“Seek liberty, Foxy, and you’ll find me.”

Sergeant Alexandra Fox came to America to find the man who had brutally murdered her sister. A man the press called The Escape Artist. Could a British Sergeant fit in with the NYPD? Not if Commander Patterson had anything to do with it.

Suspended with only two friends in America– Chief Brown, a long time family friend, and retired Sergeant Matt “Nobby” Adams, Alex has seven days to find three kidnapped babies, or look for a new job.

Her investigation leads her into a world of deception, that turns tragic before it even begins, and a helping hand from the one person she hated the most–The Escape Artist.

Print Edition

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Cover: “Spirits of Seacliff Manor” by Morgan Hannah MacDonald

Cover reveal for Morgan Hannah MacDonald’sSpirits of Seacliff Manor.

Coming soon to print and ebook!

Now available for pre-order!


While restoring an old estate the darkest malevolence known to man is unleashed.  Again.

Brandon Barnett has been given the promotion of a lifetime. There’s just one problem; he can’t   afford to buy a house in Southern California.  Even the apartments cost more than his mortgage.

Then a miracle occurs; a letter arrives informing him he’s inherited the home of his dreams. His grandmother regaled him with stories of  summers spent there as a child. Brandon has seen old photographs, the place is magical. It even has a name; Seacliff Manor.


It’s love at first sight for Brandon, not so much for his wife, Alyssa. The humongous estate needs more than a little TLC to make it inhabitable, but he convinces her  they can turn into a Bed & Breakfast. The money will help with the upkeep.

Alyssa Barnett couldn’t wait to move to San Diego. From everything she’d heard it’s paradise on earth; it’s on the ocean and the sun shines year round.  She just isn’t keen on living in the monstrosity her husband inherited, but he adores it so she’ll try to make it work.


The problems mount daily; faucets turn on by themselves, the lights flicker, and there’s rats in the walls. Workmen disappear. Alyssa’s nights are restless; she wakes with tearstained cheeks, but no memory of why.  With her husband traveling for work, that leaves Alyssa to tackle the renovations on her own.  She’s thrilled when her sister comes for a visit, but her enthusiasm is short lived when Courtney tries to convince Alyssa the old place is haunted.

A hidden room is discovered, along with it clues to the home’s dark past. Things quickly go from bad to worse.  Alyssa begins sleepwalking. When she wakes she finds herself in the most peculiar places with no idea how she got there or what she may have done. Then a horrifying  supernatural event occurs that can not be ignored.  They have no choice but to call an investigative team.


Jane Spencer and Tim Reeves have been doing paranormal research for many years.  When Tim barely escapes with his life, Jane calls The Thibodeux Foundation for assistance. They send Jake Spaulding (A demonologist) and Sara Crow (born with the gift of psychometry- she receives visions when holding certain items.) Together they unearth  the deadly truth buried at Seacliff Manor, but can this team banish the evil before someone else is murdered?

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Cover: “Lost in Wildwood” by Jason Ryan Dale

Cover reveal for the upcoming release from author Jason Ryan Dale, “Lost in Wildwood”.

Coming soon to ebook!

Joshua Keogh just robbed your home. The locked front door slowed him about as long as it will take you to read this paragraph. Your jewelry, silverware, small antiques, and the loose cash you were sure would be safe in the last page of the phone book on the floor of the pantry all fit snugly in his backpack. Right now, Joshua is trudging along the street two blocks from your house, appearing for all the world like a twenty-something suburbanite out for a jog.

Now you are like everyone else in Joshua’s life. He’s passed you by, taking what he needs, without revealing any more than he needs to. His family, his business partners, even his precious few friends don’t really know him. Joshua thought he was smart enough and tough enough to live this way forever, but then he met Julia. This kind, pretty but unassuming girl is bringing up feelings that Joshua thought were just for other people. Unfortunately, Julia’s love for her long-time boyfriend is a far stronger obstacle than your front door was.

If it’s any consolation to your violated home, Joshua’s troubles have only just begun. Nick, his childhood friend, has a different kind of job all lined up, an armed robbery that promises a richer reward than anything Joshua has ever done. When the plan goes wrong, Joshua is left fighting for his life just as he is learning to truly live for this first time.

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Cover: “Clever Deception” by M.A. Comley and Linda S. Prather

The cover for the introductory novella of a new series from bestselling authors M.A. Comley and Linda S. Prather, “Clever Deception“. Part of the Deception Series.

Now available in ebook!


“Have you ever watched the light fade from someone’s eyes, Foxy? The pigment slowly, ever so slowly disappear?”

The press call him the Escape Artist, and he is certainly living up to his name.

Sergeant Alexandra Fox has never come up against such a devious mind in her entire career. Ten young women, seven of them wives of fellow officers, have been found tortured and murdered. Every tiny lead fizzles out, and he revels in taunting them by phone, torturing them mentally as he forces them to listen to the screams of his victims.

Alexandra, is determined to catch him before he kills again, unaware that she’s become the object of his obsession until he issues one last threat: “I thought I would give you one warning. A chance to back away and leave the investigation. Don’t make me punish you.”

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Cover: “CXVI: Desperate Measures” by Angie Smith

Cover reveal for Angie Smith’sCXVI: Desperate Measures“, the final book of the CXVI Trilogy.

Now available for pre-order!


BLURB: She’s missing – but does she want to be found?

It is now three years since Detective Superintendent Greg Woods retired, and his life has been consumed with the desperate search for his former Detective Sergeant, Maria Barnes. This chaotic, and so far unsuccessful quest, has taken its toll on his physical and mental wellbeing.

However, he finally receives a knock at the door with what he considers to be his most promising lead. He teams up with a young, spirited and extremely competent hacker, who also holds a vested interest in finding Barnes and his old adversary Faulkner-Brown.

What they discover sends shockwaves around the globe and threatens international security. With Woods’ health dramatically failing he knows this is his final chance, success or failure, his last hurrah!

Print Edition

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Cover: “In the Shadows” by Tara Lyons

Cover reveal for author Tara Lyons’ debut novel, “In the Shadows”.

Now available for Pre-order!

Detective Inspector Denis Hamilton is tasked with apprehending a brutal murderer stalking the streets of London – and leaving not a shred of DNA evidence. As the suspect list mounts, his frustration and pressure from his superiors intensify.

Grace Murphy, who is dealing with the recent loss of her beloved grandfather, falls deeper into despair when her friends’ bodies are discovered. Fearing she may be the killer’s next target, she begins to question if her horrifying nightmares are the key to unravelling the murderer’s identity.

How far would you go to uncover the truth? Would you venture into the shadows to unmask a killer?

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Cover: “Private Property” by Keith C. Blackmore

Cover reveal for author Keith C. Blackmore’s upcoming release “Private Property”.

Coming soon to ebook!

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Cover: “Web of Deceit” by M.A. Comley and Tara Lyons

Check out the cover for bestselling author M.A. Comley’s next novella in the DI Sally Parker series, “Web of Deceit“. Co-written with author Tara Lyons.

Now available on ebook!

DI Sally Parker is called to one of the best hotels in the area after one of the guests, Megan Carmen, reports her friend, Tina, missing.

Sally investigates Megan’s background when the woman reveals that she has just arrived from France and Tina is a woman she met on the Internet. Do genuine people truly arrange to innocently meet people they’ve only just met online? Or, in light of Tina’s disappearance, is there something far more sinister afoot?

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Cover: “Isosceles Moon” by Keith C. Blackmore

Cover reveal for author Keith C. Blackmore’s upcoming release, “Isosceles Moon”.

Look for it coming soon to ebook!