Cover: “Touch Me” by Skye Malone

Introducing the new cover for the first book of Skye Malone’s  Demon Guardians Series, “Touch Me“.

Originally this was released as three serials, but author Skye Malone decided to turn the serials into a full length novel and start a new series. You can read more information about that here.

Now available in print and ebook!

Demons are real.
And now I’m one of them.

I never expected my boring, regular life to change on a night out with my best friend. I only thought I was going to celebrate her birthday at a local club, not end up in a hospital after witnessing supernatural events that couldn’t possibly be real.

Talk about being wrong.

Now I’ve drawn the attention of the most dangerous forces in the demon world. I’m being stalked by a guy who can be in multiple places at once. I’m overwhelmed by a hunger I can’t shake—an impossible hunger that compels me to feed off the sexual energy of others, even if it might make me kill somebody. I’m losing control and entering a secret world that exists in the shadows of my own—a world filled with vampires, werewolves, and demons who look just like anyone else.

The night was supposed to be simple. Normal. After all, I thought I was human and my life thus far has been unbelievably ordinary.

Now it’s anything but.


Print Edition

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Cover: “Touch Me 3” by Skye Malone

Check out the cover for “Touch Me 3” by Skye Malone.

Now available for pre-order!

Best friend. Confidant. Ally when everything in my life felt like hell. There are very few people I trust.

And none of them come close to Ruby.

But now demons have her. House Volgert has taken her, demanding that I serve as their emissary to the equally dangerous and terrifying House Linden. But Linden is after me too.

I’m stuck between two titans of the demon world. I’m running out of options and I’m running out of time. But when I find out what demons do to the humans they capture, the nightmare gets even worse.

If I don’t find Ruby soon, it won’t matter if she escapes the Houses.

I’m still going to lose her forever.

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Cover: “No Second Chances” by Marissa Farrar

Cover reveal for author Marissa Farrar’s “No Second Chances”.

Now available for pre-order!

Print Edition

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Cover: “Winged Justice” by T.L. Labrecque

Check out the cover for T.L. Labrecque’s upcoming release, “Winged Justice”. The first book in the Legends series.

Available Spring of 2016!

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Cover: “The Runaway Bride” by Patricia McLinn

The new cover for bestselling author, Patricia McLinn’sThe Runaway Bride.”

Now available in ebook!

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Covers: “The Sexy Boss Sedition” Books One and Two

Covers for the two part installments of “The Sexy Boss Sedition” by ZL Arkadie and TR Bertrand.

Now available in ebook!

The Sexy Boss Sedition Part One

The Sexy Boss Sedition Part Two

Cover: “Rodeo Nights” by Patricia McLinn

Check out the new cover for USA Today Bestselling Author, Patricia McLinn’sRodeo Nights“.

Now available on ebook!

Cover: “Not a Family Man” by Patricia McLinn

The new cover for bestselling author Patricia McLinn’s, “Not a Family Man“.

Now available in ebook!

Cover: “Scorpion Tail” by Yvonne Nicolas

Two posts in one day!

Cover reveal for Yvonne Nicolas’s upcoming release, “Scorpion Tail”.

Look for it coming soon to ebook!

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Cover: “Crimson Memories” by Yvonne Nicolas

I found a cover I forgot to reveal when I went to post a different cover for the same author!

The cover for Yvonne Nicolas’sCrimson Memories“.

Now available on ebook!


BLURB: Crimson Memories is a dystopian retelling of the classic fairytale, Little Red Riding Hood. Only this tale is not for children. Step into a world shrouded in dragon flames, where the passion is as hot as the fire. 

“We are kindred spirits, forever bonded together by our desire to fight for the love we will never have.” ~ Petra 

Argon Quinn, a prestigious dragon hunter, takes a short break from the battlefield to visit his grandfather Ian–a brave man who lost his leg to a blood-thirsty demon wolf many years ago. Because of this, Argon carries a deep and abiding hatred for all supernatural creatures.

His hatred has fueled his illustrious career as a captain with the Dark Hunters Legion. However, recent memories are testing his resolve.

As a young boy, Argon met a forest nymph named Petra. She left a lasting impression on his heart. Now years later, she is the elusive woman who haunts his dreams. He realizes she’s more than human, but what will he do when he finds out she’s the very thing he despises most?


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