Cover: “Death by Cake” by Melanie Ray

I recently redid the cover of “Death by Cake” for author Melanie Ray.

She wanted something to show the dark humor plus a childish twist.

Hippie hero, death by sweets, never ending childhood for young and old, and an interesting hit on the newest resident? Welcome to Lost Secret girls and boys! This is a story of childhood…that’s not for children.

Shari Kari is in trouble. She just broke up with her boyfriend, but now he’s got a hit on her. Her supportive sister tells her to get out of Calibri City and into a small safe town: Lost Secret. Famous for being the one-stop drop town for the rich and famous’ children. No crime. A Town where even adults like children. She finds a friend in Timothy Varmen, and a semi-happy life, until her special condition gets out of control.

Ezekiel is the town’s Champion Paladin. While acting like a big child himself, he’s taken on the extra duty of trying to ‘save’ the new local resident, whether she likes it or not.

In this town, a man must learn to grow up…while a woman must learn to grow down.

Scandals. Inhibitions. Temptations.

This is a story of childhood…that’s not for children.


Pre-made Cover: Ruby Heart

Adding another pre-made cover to the list. I don’t think this one is very genre specific. I can see used as a romance, a self-help/spirtual, or even a thriller.

Ruby Heart Pre-made Cover #8 - $45

New, New, and….new!

If you hadn’t noticed, I did a lil revamping on the blog today. Trying a new theme, gave the header a lil boost to work with the new theme, and fixed up the “pages”.¬† I also added a new page, one just for the Pre-made Covers. I was afraid the post was going to get lost in the mix. I’ll probably be rearranging the images on the Photography and Digital Abstracts page in the next few days.

I already posted about the latest commissioned cover, but I also added a new $30 Pre-made cover. Simple, yet intriguing.


Cover: “Shower” by K. T. Jossin [NSFW]

[WARNING: May Contain Adult Content]

The latest commissioned eBook cover, designed for author K. T. Jossin, and her erotic short story “Shower.”

New Pre-Made Cover

Added a new premade cover to the list.

(clicking on the image will take you to my deviantart page where you can view it larger)

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Pre-made Covers

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