Cover: “L.A. Caveman” by Christina Crooks

Ebook cover design for “L.A. Caveman” by Christina Crooks.

“When corporate reorganization strikes Men’s Weekly magazine, feminist Stanna struggles to hang onto her job. She discovers her fight has only begun when she meets her attractive but hopelessly chauvinist new boss, Jake. The workplace becomes a sizzling environment as Stanna battles for her corner of the magazine: her weekly column. She’s determined to reform Jake. He’s determined to train Stanna. Neither is willing to acknowledge the electrifying attraction that pulls at them both.”


Cover: “My Tiny Vegas” by Birdie Jaworski

New cover design done for “My Tiny Vegas” by Birdie Jaworski.

“Birdie Jaworski lives on the edge of the eastern plains of New Mexico, where the Sangre de Christo Mountains meet the Great Plains, smack in the middle of the town of Las Vegas. No – not the big City of Sin with the gambling strip! Las Vegas, New Mexico is not as well known as other Wild West towns, such as Dodge City, Deadwood, or Tombstone, but she is said to have been the worst of the rowdiest Old West towns. She’s still rowdy, still mysterious, still full of larger-than-life characters! Doc Holliday kept his medical office in Las Vegas, New Mexico. The Rough Riders held their first reunion in the saloon of the Plaza Hotel in Las Vegas. You can get a shot of tequila in that same saloon, today. Birdie wants to share her beautiful tiny Las Vegas with you…”

Cover: “If Tears Were Wishes-And Other Short Stories”

If Tears Were Wishes: And Other Short Stories” by Ruth Nestvold.

My latest in eBook Covers designed for a great fantasy author, Ruth Nestvold. A collection of wondrously mystical short stories, making a great read for almost anyone! I highly suggest you look for it when it comes out.

Book Covers

Recently I’ve decided to branch out. I’ve dabbled in web based graphic design (yes there are actually sites out there with my work on them, that don’t belong to me) I’ve done logo design. I’ve done signage (gotta love driving thru town pointing at a sign and say..Oh! I made that!). I’ve done t-shirt design. And I’ve done, still do, fine art. But what haven’t I done before recently? Book covers that’s what!

My husband bought me a Kindle Fire for Christmas this year (he thought I was going to go blind reading on my phone) and it opened up a whole new world to me. So I jumped right in! (Check out the new tab at the top of the page ^ ) I’ve got 6 covers out there so far, for some great authors. Take a peek!

N.R. Wick, a writer of dark young adult fiction. Not only have I done a few of her covers, I’ve read a couple of the books too! Even though I’m no longer a “Young Adult” …far from it actually…  I really enjoyed the short stories.

psst…this one’s not out yet!

And a few others. Please! Go check the books out!


I thought I’d do a post sharing some of my photomanipulations. If you’re wondering what a photomanipulation is, it’s just what it sounds like, manipulation of a photograph. Now granted, most of my work would technically be considered manipulated because I did manipulate it one way or the other.  Some people can get picky with that, but most consider photomanipulation a style or category of art in which the artist generally takes more than one photograph, combines them and “photoshops” them to create a totally new image. 

There are a lot of photographers who offer up their images to be used as stock for photomanipulation artists, as long as they get credit, and the end product is a completely different from the original image. Personally, I’m still not terribly comfortable using other peoples images for my own work, then taking credit. I don’t know why, it just feels weird, so I try to use as much as my own stuff as possible. However, that is not always possible, especially when it comes to models. I just don’t have anyone, nor the costumes for my own models. Recently, in my attempt to combat the winter blues, I have created a few images that are all stock, and I have to say, the results speak for themselves. Sometimes you just have to give in and go with the flow. Using stock is just so much easier. There is anendless amount to choose from, if you have something specific in mind, you can usually find it, and lets face it, using stock from photographers across the world opens you up to locations you could only dream to visit on your own. So let me take a minute here and say THANK YOU TO ALL YOU STOCK PHOTOGRAPHERS that allow us couped up, sun depraved, bored artists to create something we never could without you!

I suppose I should get on with it huh? A few of these I have had around for a while. The first 3 are my newest.


Model: mizzd-stock    Background: cave- steppelandstock combined with one of my own images.


Models: woman- mizzd-stock, man – dragon-orb, wolf – breedstock

Background: nomuh


Model: faestock 

Background: all mine, that’s actually my front yard LOL!

The rest of these are a little older, you may or may not have seen them before.

No stock credit, all images were mine. Except for the brushes used for the butterflies. Unfortunantly, I don’t remember where I got those.


Model: faestock  Foilage Brushes: LadyVictoire  Background: mine


Model: faestock  Background: mine

I hope you enjoyed!!


All of my work can be puchased as premium art cards, and most are available as matted prints, laminated prints, mounted prints, canvas prints, framed prints, and posters. All in varying sizes. To see more work and/or purchase click here. (or click on a particular image)

Example Card:


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