Cover: “Survival” by George Wallace

The cover for book 2 of author George Wallace’s Ambler’s Travels Series, “Survival”

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BLURB: Government is hanging by a thread. Warlords, roaming bandits, and armed insurrections exist in America. Families struggle to survive in huge crowded communal camps from coast to coast. Food, clothing, and cold are constant worries. New rigid attitudes, a forced work ethic, and mistakes are leading to revolution. The economy has shriveled. There’s a new currency. Whole industries are simply gone, confiscated. Fossil fuels are reserved for only government and military service.

Families are placed on farm land with only hand tools for growing crops. Food supplies must be supplemented by hunting and gathering. Housing has returned to pioneering expedients. Steve Ambler is a roving trouble shooter, serving  a government with an uncertain future. The McCandless family finds old skills are required, must be relearned, and new defenses are necessary to survive with few resources.

The Print Version

And don’t forget to watch for book 1 as well, “Invasion


Cover: “Heaven Sent” by VJ Dunraven

The cover for VJ Dunraven’s “Heaven Sent: The Wrong One”, book two of the Heirs of Cornwall series.

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Book 2 of the Heirs of Cornwall Series, Heaven Sent (The Wrong One) tells the tale of two stubborn personalities determined to escape the matrimonial noose. What will happen when their paths collide? Will they chase each other with a hatchet, or will the sparks fly?

Join Mr. Allayne Carlyle, the Viscount’s Heir, and Lady Alexandra Davenport, the Earl’s daughter, as they conquer the mystery of that little word they’ve been trying their damnedest to avoid.


And so the story begins.


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Cover: “Hunting Will” by Alex Albrinck

The cover for the prequel novella for author Alex Albrinck’s Aliomenti Saga, “Hunting Will“.

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The world’s greatest criminal. Humanity’s greatest hero.
To the Aliomenti Hunters, one man fit both descriptions.

Will Stark has long been the Aliomenti’s greatest rule-breaker. The Hunters, charged with seeking out and incarcerating such men, have repeatedly failed to capture him, and are feeling the pressure from their Leader to eliminate the threat of Will Stark. The Hunters are perfectly successful in their roles — except for that one man.

When they learn a startling piece of information about Will Stark, however, they may finally have the break they need to eliminate their greatest source of shame once and for all.

The print version:

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And don’t forget to check out book one “A Question of Will” and book two “Preserving Hope

Cover: “Invasion” by George Wallace

Author George Wallace and I started working together to cover his science fiction  “Ambler’s Travels Series”. Starting with a recover on book one, “Invasion“.

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Your world is invaded. Within weeks, your home, your job, your ability to care for your family has disappeared. The disaster explodes. The economy and your government collapses. Power shifts. Strong men emerge. Revolution results. Huge populations are suddenly homeless, short of food, .and are forced to migrate. How do families like yours caught up in the whirlwind of cataclysm cope?
Steve Ambler witnessed the start of the crisis, was swept into service, and rose through the ranks. The series follows his career through adventures and exploits and his profound influence on tumultuous events. The pivotal McCandless family is caught by the disaster. This is the chronicle of their struggles to survive and thrive. The transformed world reforms their lives.
Book one, Invasion, sets the stage for Survival.


The print version:

Watch for book 2, “Survival”

Cover: “Dead to Rights” by Alain C. Dexter

Written by Canadian Poet, Alain C. Dexter, and brought to you by Greyhart Press, “Dead to Rights: A Circularity of Glosas”. This book will be partnered by a novella from Elaine Stirling called “Dead Edit Redo” which tells the story of how the glosas came to be written.

Look for it coming soon to print and ebook! And for more information check out the Greyhart Press Website.

The print cover:

Covers: “Guardian and Commander” and “Son of the Redeemer” by VJ Dunraven

I’ve been holding on to some covers, waiting to post until I had the back text, but that is backfiring on me. I’m losing track of what I’ve posted and what I haven’t! LOL Especially since I haven’t been consistent on waiting or not. So….

Here are two covers for author VJ Dunraven’s Highest Royal Coven of Europe Series, “Guardian and Commander” (Book 2) and “Son of the Redeemer” (Book 3).

Look for them both (as well as Book 1 “The Silver Eyed Prince”)  coming soon to print and ebook!

“Guardian and Commander”

The print cover:

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“Son of the Redeemer”

The print cover:

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