Cover: “Truth Rebel” by Monica Poole

Check out the cover for the second book in author Monica Poole’s The Trimar Republic series, “Truth Rebel“.

Now available in ebook!


BLURB: Jahnes has stepped into his place as the Builder, the long awaited rebel leader. As Bhen predicted, Jahnes can walk the Weave and See the future. Jahnes Sees the beginning of the prophesied First Days and the coming of the promised Balance: an end to the Church’s control and a reformation of the government. These are necessary changes, but they will not be reached without bloodshed. Jahnes is willing to lead, but he can See that the rebels, like everyone else, are attaching their own meaning to the Balance, and what is coming might be far different than anyone realizes.

As the Church feels its control slipping, the priesthood grabs harder at its last stronghold, the teaching of all ruling class children. There is a power scattered in the bloodlines of the ruling class. The priesthood has spent a millennia manipulating those bloodlines in order to create what the alien gods desperately need: a perfectly balanced combination of four inborn abilities.

The alien gods, through the priesthood, have arranged marriages and murders and the rise and fall of ruling class families. They don’t care about the rebel’s idea of a Balance; they have their own ideas. As long as the rebellion doesn’t get in the way of the aliens reaching their goal. the people of the Republic can tear each other apart.

While the rebels look for direction, the powerful priesthood moves forward. It becomes a race against time. Will Jahnes and his Anokie Truth Rebels have their way, or will the alien gods use the chaos of the First Days to come one step closer to their end game?


Print Edition

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Author: kklawiter

Cover Artist and Photographer

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