Multiple Cover Reveal for Z.L. Arkadie’s Parched Series

Normally I like to split up cover reveals, but since I’ve been lazy this summer 😉 I’m going to do these all at once.

Check out the new covers for romance author Z.L. Arkadie’s Parched Vampire Romance Series,

Books 1, 3, 5, 6, and 7.

Now Available!

Parched: Book 1

BLURB: What would you do if everything you thought you knew about yourself was a lie?

I’m Clarity Parker, an advertising exec at a global marketing firm here in Manhattan. Despite appearances, I had a life before all of this. Yes it could’ve been construed as pretty lonely, and at times miserable—but it was doable and I was making it work. Then on one ordinary morning, I woke up and two things occurred. First, a mysterious fog rolled into Manhattan. It was so thick that I couldn’t see my hand right in front of my face.

Next, Baron Ford, the gorgeous man, who I thought I would never see again showed up out of nowhere and requested that I handle his multimillion-dollar account.

Since that morning my life has never been the same, and what happened next changed it for the dangerous.



Quenched: Book 3

BLURB: Sisters unite in this third installment of the Parched vampire novel series where there’s never a dull moment—and the end is only the beginning.

I see myself back at the burial site of my five-thousand-year-old actual paternal grandmother, Zillael. I’m being stabbed through the back by Zina all over again. She was a deranged vampire who would rather have killed me than let Baron love another woman. I’m also seeing how Baron’s two silver-bladed daggers sealed her fate. Wounded, I dragged myself to my grandmother’s grave and recovered the Script that tells of our future. I’m the only daughter who’s able to translate the writings. I have the Power of Mind, and I’m only beginning to scratch the surface of knowing the scope of what that power is
I sigh with a renewed sense of resolve. I know there’s more of the Script for me to read, more battles to fight. Although I’d rather run home to lick my wounds, I’ve been burdened with the task of guiding all of my seven sisters, who I have not yet met, to our final destiny. However, I cannot be victorious without the aid of my bond, Baron Ze Feldis. When I go to him for help, he’s willing to do whatever I ask of him. Maybe, just maybe, we can put the fact that I had gone missing for three years behind us and Baron Ze Feldis can find it in his heart to forgive me and love me like he used to. Only time will tell.



Ignite: Book 5




BLURB: There’s a whole lot of “bonding” going on in this fifth installment of
the Parched Vampire Romance Novel Series.

We’ve just discovered humans who have had their blood consumed by vampires. The grave issue is that they are in a strange coma and the Selells, or vampires, did not die.





Light Speed: Book 6


BLURB: More suspense, action and sexy creatures in this installment of the Parched vampire romance novel series.

When Adore, the first sister, is lured out of Enu, she finds herself in the crosshairs of the “white-haired Selell.” The diabolically evil, Lario Exgesis never thought he would succumb to the power of the bond, but he has. Will his feelings for Adore get in the way of his evil ambitions? Especially since she happens to be bonded with more than one vampire.





Vanquish: Book 7


BLURB: The previous six books in the Parched series have led to this. In this final installment of the Parched Vampire Redemption series, the world will be changed for the better.

Here’s what I’m willing to admit—I no longer feel comfortable alone. I’ve become used to a house full of sisters and Selells. I already miss Baron and Fawn, and Zill and Vayle—who I’ve known the longest—and Glo, Finn, and Tapeetha, who I’ve only recently gotten to know.

The sound of my footsteps in my black knee-high boots is unnerving. I must get back to the Estate, where I’ll immediately consult the script. If Felix is focusing on finding Adore, then I must focus on bringing back the sun. There has to be a way.



Series Facebook Timeline Cover Image

Box Set Books 1-3

Box Set Books 4&5

Box Set Books 6&7


Author: kklawiter

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