Cover: “Blood of the Phoenix” by M.R. Ferguson

Cover reveal for author M.R. Ferguson’s sequel to “Rise of the Phoenix” (available this Christmas!), “Blood of the Phoenix”.

Look for it coming to print and ebook Summer 2015!

I just want to add a note here, I recently did a reveal that included a post about an author who hired their own model and her experience. M.R. Ferguson also acquired their own model and did a shoot specifically for this series instead of relying on stock!


BLURB: The United States lay in ruin after nukes were launched against its own people in an effort to cleanse the nation. The government is nonexistent and gangs run the cities.   Making a promise to Adam, the love of her life, she flees with his father, the President of the United States. Protecting him from Decklin Lachance, the man who orchestrated the coup d’etat on American government is vital. Lachance’s desire for ultimate power can’t be reached until the President is dead.   Phoenix will wait Decklin Lachance out. He is the reason the nukes were launched on the country, and the reason she became a vampire, like so many other victims of the fallout. But he isn’t her only enemy; and none of them will stay away long. A violent gang leader from her past is descending on a town she settled in hoping to recover. The community she thought was safe is under the control of people who want to wipe out the vampire race. Phoenix will be left with the choice to stay and defend the humans who hate her, or flee from her enemies and find Adam with the hope that he may still be alive.


Print Edition

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Don’t forget to watch for the release of “Rise of the Phoenix” coming Christmas 2014!


Author: kklawiter

Cover Artist and Photographer

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