Covers for Alicia McCalla

I’m excited to show you two covers from author Alicia McCalla’s Soul Eater series. What was unique about doing Alicia’s covers is that instead of relying on stock models, she hired her own photographer and model. With the images she received, we were able to create a completely unique series of covers just for her. I try my best to stay unique with all the covers I do, but I still work with stock images. And sadly a lot of models are used over and over and over again. I hope to see more authors take this kind of initiative in the future! You can read Alicia’s blog post about her experience here.

Now onto the covers!

The first one is a combo book contain three existing short stories. I believe it’s a kind of prequel to the actual series. We did both a print version and a box set for ebook.

“Origins of an African Elemental”

Available February 2015!

Print Edition

Facebook Timeline Cover Image

“Rise of an African Elemental”


BLURB: This is the third installment of the Soul Eater series. An ancient evil is drawn to the shores of America where good people have forgotten their history, power, and strength. When Shania Moore’s dreams of a serial killer draining the souls of African American girls in a bizarre ritual turn out to be real, she knows her daughter with an unusual ability is in danger. Shania packs up everything and flees from Detroit to Atlanta. She doesn’t know that strength will be found in the arms of the white man whom she had lied to and left at the altar ten years earlier. Deacon Kilgore does not know he’s a descendant from a Norse god and that he’s a guardian for an ancient African goddess. When his beautiful ex-girlfriend shows up, he almost walks away. She had broken his heart and lied to him about aborting their baby. But when he sees the sweet spirited girl who has his deceased mother’s eyes, he can’t help but defend them. Can he forgive the woman who ripped his heart out? There’s more than their daughter’s life at stake. If Shania and Deacon fail to thwart the ancient evil, the very fabric of existence as they know it will be destroyed.


Print Edition

Facebook Timeline Cover Image


Author: kklawiter

Cover Artist and Photographer

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