Cover: “Catastrophe” by Liz Schulte

Another cover reveal! This one is for the first book in The Sekhmet Bounty Series. A new upcoming series from author Liz Schulte.


Look for it coming to print and ebook, early 2015!


BLURB: When Femi left the sanctuary of her homeland, she vowed to never play by anyone’s rules but her own.  Descended from the feline goddess Sekhmet, she becomes the only bounty hunter of her kind in a world teeming with other supernatural creatures. However, the job suits her. She sets her own hours, works alone, and she selects which bounties she takes—until she receives an order to look into the most dangerous case of her life.

An outburst of violent werewolf maulings threatens to shred the fragile veil between the human world and the supernatural world of the Abyss. One single scratch from these feral creatures, who were thought to be near extinct, could turn any being into a blood-thirsty, rabid beast. Forced to team up with a human detective who knows more than he should about the supernatural world, she claws her way through the political subterfuge and blatant lies that have been fed to the people of the Abyss by an organization that no one knows exists.

To stop the attacks she will have to cross a line that could crack the foundation on which her world was built. With this case, curiosity may, in fact, kill the cat.


The Print Edition

I am actually a pretty big fan of Liz’s Abyss Series’, (Easy Bake Cover Series, The Guardian Trilogy and The Jinn Trilogy) so when she approached me about the next series based around Femi (one of my favorite characters) with her ideas for the cover, I got pretty excited. I hope I did her justice!

Here’s a close up of Femi’s face so you can see the cat eyes.

And the Facebook Timeline Cover Image

Keep an eye out for the next cover!


Author: kklawiter

Cover Artist and Photographer

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