Cover: “Emmaline Waters, This is Your Life” by Maggie Bloom

Introducing the cover for author Maggie Bloom’s upcoming romantic comedy release, “Emmaline Waters, This is Your Life.”

Look for it coming soon to print and ebook!


BLURB: Recent college grad Emmaline Waters’s “real life” is shaping up to be a bit too real.

Instead of a plum journalism job (or whatever bottom-rung drudgery in the news business she can drum up to get her too-tight dress through the door), she’s slinging cocktails to tipsy construction workers at Boston’s finest dive bar.

Instead of a sexy husband-in-training who worships the ground her wobbly heels clack upon, she’s muddling through a new relationship with a self-absorbed boyfriend who screens her calls and disappears at a moment’s notice for impromptu “business meetings.”

Instead of a luxurious, big-city address with a jovial doorman and expansive water views, she’s biding her time in a cramped garage apartment with an elusive PhD-candidate roommate who might as well be a ghost.

So when Emmaline lands an interview for a food-critic job at the Boston Sunday Times, she’s sure she has (finally!) stumbled onto the road to success. But soon an unexpected detour—in the form of Mark Loffel, her high school one-night stand—(re)appears, sending Emmaline careening in a whole new direction.

When the dust settles, will Emmaline have the life of her dreams? Or will her adorable little secret be revealed for every Tom, Dick, and Mark to see?



Print Edition

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Author: kklawiter

Cover Artist and Photographer

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