Cover: “Forget Me Never” by Z.L. Arkadie

The cover for author Z.L. Arkadie’s upcoming Parched Novel release, “Forget Me Never: The Search for a Vampire, Pt 1).

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BLURB: t has been more work than play for Clarity and Baron but just when they are about to make up for lost time Baron goes missing. The search ensues. Clarity is sure she saw the face of the culprit, which means their dilemma can only go from bad to catastrophic. On top of that, a new vampire has crawled out of the woodwork and he shares a special bond with Clarity—and Baron. Thus starts the ticking clock. A search leads the seven sisters to Legush, the land of the Sirens. They’ll need all of their powers to find and recover Baron before his memories are wiped clean and the bond between he and Clarity is lost forever.

When the other vampire bonds follow the sisters into this obscure universe, they too are in jeopardy of losing their memories. And then there are the Kupla–half-man, half-bird creatures, who would rather wipe out the existing inhabitants of Legush and start a more superior and beautiful species by breeding with all seven sisters.

There is danger and mayhem around every corner. The sisters are wondering if they’ll make it out alive with their sanity and bonds with their vampires still intact.

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Author: kklawiter

Cover Artist and Photographer

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