Cover: “Delusion” by Tracy Johnson

Introducing the cover for book 2 of Tracy Johnson’s Narcissism Novels, “Delusion”.

Look for it coming soon to print and ebook!


BLURB: ”Who are you?

Isobel wonders about the narcissists playing deceptive mind games.

Why are you so desperate to hurt me?

The question anyone asks in a narcissistic relationship.

Almost crushed by an abusive ex and another narcissistic relationship, Isobel is terrified to find herself falling in love again. How can she trust her romantic choices, even if this one seems perfect? As she carefully delves into relationship, the horrors of the past are waiting to engulf her once more.

Her beloved son, Dylan, has a near fatal accident and Isobel fights parental alienation from his father, while Cynthia, her narcissist mother, invents even more heinous stories to discredit her daughter and steal the Golden Child.

And now Dylan battles his own fallout from narcissistic abuse.

How far will Isobel go to recover her child and will she ever be able to trust to love once more?

Delusion is Book 2 of The Narcissism Novels, the continuing history of Isobel’s journey to understand how living close to narcissists has almost destroyed her life. The first book in the series is Illusion.


Print Edition

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Author: kklawiter

Cover Artist and Photographer

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