Photography: Winter Lighthouses

I haven’t done any photography posts in quite a while. I think I completely skipped over all the fall shots! Actually I’ve only been out shooting once since fall. I figured I’d share those since here in Michigan (and half of the rest of the country), we’re under this deep freeze. These were actually taken before this freeze. I haven’t mustered up what it takes to go out there in this weather yet. Not to mention, kids have snowdays, and I have too much work to get done.

So anyways, and friend and I headed out to check out a few lighthouses between Christmas and New Years. We dragged our butts out of bed hours before the sun was up so we could be there for the sunrise.

First stop, South Haven Lighthouse, South Haven Mi.

Whew! Those piers get icey!!

Iceburgs Ahead!  Yeah, those were actually large [sand covered] chunks of ice floating in Lake Michigan.  All that white…that’s the lake.

Looking out towards Lake Michigan around the ice.

The back side of the South Haven Lighthouse coated in sheer ice.

If you’ve never visited the lakeshore during the winter, I highly recommend it. It’s GORGEOUS. (I do NOT recommend venturing out on the piers though. Not safe!) There’s a completely different arctic landscape out there. I was absolutely fascinated with the frozen waves closer to shore. I know waves didn’t actually freeze mid-wave, it’s just a build up of water freezing with each pass, but they sure do look like frozen waves. Here I’m standing on one looking over the lake. See the lighthouse way out there?

South Haven’s North Pierhead Light.

Next stop was the St. Joseph Lighthouse. They didn’t have anywhere near the amount of snow as South Haven when we got there.

But the Pierhead still had some ice on it.

And the pier was still covered in ice.

A closer shot of light shining through the ice.

To top things off, we even found a Snowy Owl hanging out on the lighthouse.

I think I took about 500 images, these are just the ones I got around to editing.

If you’d like to keep up to date or see more of my photography, head over to my photography facebook page and give me a like.


Author: kklawiter

Cover Artist and Photographer

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