Cover: “Voyeurs of Death” by Shaun Jeffrey + B&A

I recently finished up the new cover for author Shaun Jeffrey’s collection of short horror stories, “Voyeurs of Death“. He requested that a not so familiar Scottish monster called the Flibbertigibbet be featured on the cover. His description included things such as ” a kilt of flesh adorned with a sporran of skulls”, “a set of pipes made from skin and bone”, and “large horns sticking out of its head like a stag and its features were thing and drawn, its eyes glowing white”. I certainly had my work cut out for me! I have included a before and after at the end of the post.

Now available on ebook and coming soon to print!


BLURB: From monsters to ghosts, Shaun Jeffrey runs the gamut in this new and expanded collection. Herein are found a diverse mix of the sinister, erotic, strange and surreal. From the foreboding alleyways of Venice to a bleak Scottish island, the horror is never far away. A young boy fixes dead things. You can’t always judge a man by the cut of his suit, especially when the suit isn’t made of cloth. A relaxing cruise is anything but once the passengers start to die, only to then come back to life. And a trip to the past has dire consequences for the future. Now turn the page and join the voyeurs of death.


Print Edition

Facebook Timeline Cover Image

And as I mentioned above, the before shot showing the stock images that went into creating the Flibbertigibbet.


Author: kklawiter

Cover Artist and Photographer

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