Before & After Request: Emily Chambers

I had a guest comment with a request on my Before and After page to show the b&a of The Emily Chambers Spirit Medium Series by CJ Archer. Even though I am not sure which of the books they wanted to see, I aim to please. So here are the before and afters for all three!

Ok, I admit it, my little image equation up there might be a tad difficult to understand when you’re not in my head. So I will break it down. For consistency we used the same background image on all three covers, and the same model.

Here is book one’s (The Medium) images broken down:

Book two’s (Possession)

When we came to book three (Evermore), we realized we were out of stock images of this model! SO I took the model’s head off of book two and found an image with this [odd] woman who was dressed right and had a pretty¬†parasol to boot! Never mind the red spotlight…

And there you have it! The covers for The Emily Chambers Spirit Medium series. Admittedly there weren’t a ton of images involved, but they definitely came together as completely different, original covers.


Author: kklawiter

Cover Artist and Photographer

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