Cover: “Killer Rocks” by Drema J. Reed

Another cozy mystery brought to you by Cozy Cat press, and the third installment in author Drama J. Reed’s The Art Gallery Mystery Series, “Killer Rocks”.

Look for it coming soon to print and ebook!


BLURB: When DJ Kelly and her fellow senior citizen partners at the Waterfront Art Gallery in downtown Seattle decide to take a vacation in Cannon Beach, Oregon, they have no clue that they will be immediately confronted with a skeletal hand buried on the beach, along with a mysterious box of rocks.  As it turns out, the hand belongs to an infamous diamond thief who had robbed the Antwerp Diamond Center some years back and had escaped without detection.  His two cohorts, who had been caught, but are now out of prison, are on the hunt for the missing diamonds. But they aren’t the only ones.  Now, along with DJ and her three lady friends, add a couple of former Belgian policemen, the dead man’s sister, an errant lawyer, and the Gallery’s own malapropic handyman Jerry.  The women also run into a police detective in Cannon Beach, who finds them as bothersome as their nemesis from Seattle, Detective Keohan, and things go downhill from there. But what has happened to the diamonds? What does the box of rocks have to do with the murder of the thief or the location of the diamonds? Does anyone know where the dead man has hidden them? The answer must lie in the mysterious box of KILLER ROCKS or does it? DJ is determined to find out.


Print Edition


Author: kklawiter

Cover Artist and Photographer

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