Cover: “Lost Tribes of Arsareth” by James D. Miller

Introducing the cover for author James D. Miller’s upcoming fantasy release, “Lost Tribes of Arsareth“.

Now available on ebook!



BLURB: Set in ancient Jerusalem, Caleb and his older brother, Malachi, stumble upon an amulet that has been in their family for generations. When worn by Caleb, the amulet transforms him to an altered state and enables him with flight. Meanwhile, Nehemiah, governor of Jerusalem, searches for a certain young man believed to possess unique powers. He solicits help from Ezra, the scribe, who has devoted his life to the search of “Arsareth”, a hidden land to the North. After they identify Caleb, the amulet takes on a course of someone else’s devising and transports Caleb to another world galaxies away. There, Caleb discovers the Lost Ten Tribes of Israel thriving on the Planet “Arsareth”. The people, unencumbered by foreign empires for more than three centuries, have advanced in the arts and technology. But their future hangs precariously under the threat of the Pekkann, an underworld society growing in power and influence. Only the fulfillment of legend foretelling the rise of a great warrior/deliverer named “Jamshiedd” can save the people.


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Author: kklawiter

Cover Artist and Photographer

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