Cover: “The Unveiling: An American Teacher in a Saudi Palace” by Kristin Decker

The new cover for author Kristin Decker’s “The Unveiling: An American Teacher in a Saudi Palace


BLURB: “Teach my children to think!” exclaimed the young princess. “They’ve had enough facts, facts and more facts stuffed into their heads.” She dreamed that her children would be able to speak and negotiate with leaders of countries from around the world as they assumed their eventual roles in leadership. She also realized that an American education was consistent with her Islamic faith stating that American schools taught students how to think without telling them what to think.

My husband and I eagerly accepted positions as private tutors for this visionary princess in Saudi Arabia. She dreamed of providing the  best education possible for her children and secretly opened a private school. We championed her dreams as if they were our own. However, a year later, we encountered a medieval system of palace intrigue and subterfuge. Under threat of imprisonment, we were detained and coerced into signing false statements. Would God’s deliverance come in time or would we be forgotten and imprisoned in a foreign land? Journey with us to the center of the human heart and to the mysterious Kingdom of Saudi Arabia where the shifting sands are full of dreams, intrigue and revenge.




Print Edition

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Author: kklawiter

Cover Artist and Photographer

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