Cover: “Love Never Dies” by Loren Lockner

Author Loren Lockner asked me to help her revamp her old cover for “Love Never Dies“. Check out the shiny new cover.

Look for the change over coming soon in print and ebook!


BLURB: Julia Morris almost didn’t believe her new boyfriend’s story about true lovers exchanging part of their eternal souls, but after Seth asks for half her soul and pledges his, Julia gladly agrees. A wonderful kind of telepathy develops between the connected lovers until Seth dies in a fiery car crash only a month later. The anguished Julia cannot understand why her chest still burns with his soul’s love and suspects Seth waits in a deathless limbo for her to join him. When Seth’s twin Simon shows up, he relays a horrifying truth; his brother was not only murdered by the mob, but Julia is their next intended victim! Forced to trust a man her dead lover distained, the pair are soon on the run in the Los Padres National Forest nestled behind Santa Barbara, hoping to find a secreted computer disk before the mob’s hit man, Adam Gable, does. And to make matters worse, Julia discovers she is falling in love with Simon who hides a devastating secret which very well may destroy every memory she holds dear!


The Print Edition:

Matching Facebook Timeline Cover Image:


Author: kklawiter

Cover Artist and Photographer

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