Cover: “Water and Blood” by Siesta Luista and Endi Webb

The cover reveal for Book 2 in author Endi Webb’s YA Fantasy Series, The Rohvim, “Water and Blood”.

Look for it coming soon to print and ebook!



BLURB: War is brewing in the north. After liberating Elbeth, Aeden and his brother return to Healer’s Hall only to learn that a northern army has formed in retaliation against Yoruth’s roving southern bands. With the identity of the mysterious Yoruth still unknown, the High Council of the Society of Healers sends Aeden and Betha to discover the madman’s whereabouts and to learn the secrets behind the ancient artifacts he seeks. Aeden, still stung by the betrayal of his best friend and aided by his own emergent empathic powers, begins to suspect that Yoruth’s influence may reach into the highest levels of the Society.

But as the events of their mission unfold, ghosts from Aeden’s past reveal the truth behind his family’s political decline and confirm Aeden’s worst fears: the complicity of respected Society members in Yoruth’s atrocities. For Betha, loyalty to the Society is paramount. Her loyalty and Aeden’s growing suspicions give rise to a dangerous distrust, one that threatens both their mission and their kingdom. As the northern army draws near, Aeden and Betha must decide if a life together is worth the sacrifice—Aeden of his past and Betha of her future.


The Print Edition:

And the matching facebook timeline cover image:


Author: kklawiter

Cover Artist and Photographer

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