Cover: “Metal and Flesh” by Siesta Luista and Endi Webb

Author Endi Webb contacted me about redoing the cover for his YA Fantasy Series, The Rohvim: Book One, “Metal and Flesh“.  At first he wasn’t sure what he wanted, just something  “Definitely kick-ss” Well, I hope I succeeded on that mark!

Look for the change over coming soon to print and ebook!

And keep an eye out for Book Two, coming soon.


BLURB: Aeden Rossam: 17, son of a nobleman, expert swordsman, spoiled, let’s face it: he’s a punk.

Betha Solvinstra: 18, common shopkeeper’s daughter, rising star in the Society of Healers. Oh, and she hates the nobility.

After the sword tournament in the city of Elbeth, the master healer—leader of the secretive Society of Healers—invites Aeden to join him, and shares the Society’s great secret: that all mankind are Rohvim—beings of metal, flesh, and fantastic powers that the uninitiated see as magic. After Aeden sees his beloved city overrun by a mysterious northern warlord’s army, he and Betha are chosen to find and stop the warlord before the entire kingdom falls to ruin. To succeed, Aeden must master his Rohva nature, and with Betha’s reluctant help claim the powers that only a Rohva with a true knowledge of himself can wield.

And along the way, they will begin to unlock the secrets of Earth’s troubled past….


The Print Edition:

And the matching Facebook Timeline Cover Image:


Author: kklawiter

Cover Artist and Photographer

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