Cover: “To Free a Spy” by Nick Ganaway

Cover reveal for author Nick Ganaway’s upcoming release, “To Free a Spy”.

Look for it coming soon to print and ebook!

BLURB: Can freeing the spy behind it all lead to justice?

The Boeing 747 carrying a nuclear bomb is minutes from inflicting more death and
destruction on the U.S. mainland than 9/11. Can counterintelligence operative Cam
Warfield unravel the web of espionage, extortion and smoldering revenge in time?

The search begins when intelligence officials become aware of an Iranian terror broker
who will pay millions for the CIA-controlled name of a Russian scientist who has access
to the former Soviet nuclear stockpile. This is a gods-sent solution to a certain ambitious
Washington politician who knows this name and will give it up for the $5 million he
desperately needs in order to buy off an extortion threat—one that could end his White
House hopes—and his freedom. But there’s a beautiful woman who knows her way
around Washington who also can provide the Russian’s name. How? She just happens to
be sleeping with the CIA chief.

Warfield encounters minefields in Tokyo and Atlantic City, Vegas and Paris. But in the
crucial minutes before disaster the most dangerous threat of all is centered in the Oval
Office at the White House!

The Print Edition:

and the matching facebook timeline cover image:


Author: kklawiter

Cover Artist and Photographer

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