Cover: “For What It’s Worth” by Ciara Threadgoode

The new cover for author Ciara Threadgoode’s first release, “For What It’s Worth”.

Look for it coming soon to print and ebook!


BLURB: Four teens become friends, giving one another alibis for getting out of the house.  One teen is amply endowed, another is of mixed blood, the third is overly fashion conscious, while the fourth is demurely pretty and the result of an unwanted pregnancy. The fourth has both parents at home but they aren’t thrilled about raising a child.  What began as recreation for the kids is now an ingrained habit as they continue to drink, smoke pot, and use drugs to accept the reality into which they were born. Trinity reads volumes in hopes of college, Sandrine is a drama queen, Mesha’s only sister is murdered, and Cali wishes she’d been born as Dr. Seuss’s offspring.  Their merry-go-round of life continually circles but gold rings are scarce as the world lies restless and hopeful as teens beg to differ with one another about their future.


The print version.


Author: kklawiter

Cover Artist and Photographer

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