Cover: “The Crow King’s Wife” by Melissa Myers

Book 5 of Melissa Myer’s The Elder Blood Chronicles, “The Crow King’s Wife”‘ cover is done, and is on it’s way to release!

Look for it coming soon to print and ebook!

And if epic fantasy is your thing, check out books 1-4 as well!

BLURB: Delvay, once one of the strongest of nations now finds itself the weakest on the face of Sanctuary. Their only hope lies with Zoelyn, a child once considered too weak to even live by Delvay standards. The curse that has tormented her for close to a decade however may be the salvation for her entire House. If only she can manage to control her magic enough to awaken the sleeping heroes. With the Aspects themselves pushing for her to learn, Zoelyn feels the weight of her entire nation pushing against her, but that is nothing compared to her other problem. Seth, the demon she fled Merrodin to escape, the man who betrayed her in the Darklands, the only creature able to withstand her curse has decided to prove himself to her, and he refuses to be ignored.

If the heroes can be awakened… If Shade can negotiate peace with the Blights…If Finn can master his place amongst the Aspects… then Sanctuary might finally know peace…If only for a while.

The print verion:

And the Matching Facebook timeline cover image:

“I am relatively new to writing, and in the first part of my career I made several mistakes. The biggest was attempting to do my own covers. When I found Karri I found the miracle my books needed. Within a week of switching to Karri’s covers my book sales had doubled. She is nothing short of amazing in both talent and persona. Everything she has sent me has been perfect. She has the ability to visualize exactly what I want and I will never consider working with another artist as long as I am writing. If you want to give your books the edge with beautiful art then I highly recommend Karri. I promise you won’t be disappointed.”

— Melissa Myers, Author of The Elder Blood Chronicles


Author: kklawiter

Cover Artist and Photographer

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