Cover: “Omnibus: Volume 2” by George Wallace

Here is author George Wallace’s  Ambler’s Travels Series, books 4 & 5, in an all-in-one book titled “Omnibus: Volume Two”.

This volume contains “Shake-Out” and “A New Vision”.

Look for it coming soon to print and ebook!

BLURB: Your world is invaded. Within weeks, your home, your job, and your ‘world’ have disappeared. The economy and government have collapsed. Huge populations are suddenly homeless, short of food, and forced to migrate. The whirlwind of cataclysm is here.

Government struggles, hanging by a thread, and faces an uncertain future. Power shifts. Strong men emerge. Warlords, roaming bandits, and armed insurrections thrive across America. Families struggle to survive in huge crowded military-style communal camps from coast to coast. Food, clothing, and winter cold are constant worries. New rigid authoritarian attitudes, a forced work ethic, and mistakes are heading toward revolution. Millions are placed on farms with only hand tools to grow their own food.  Housing is primitive with pioneering expedients. The McCandless family finds old skills are required, must be relearned, and new defenses are necessary to survive with few resources.

Economic collapse has forced sweeping confiscations of real and personal property. The United States, now a desperate and newly autocratic third-world style government, converts to a fully managed economy. Gigantic make-work salvage operations, radical social restructuring, and stringent military style law enforcement transforms people’s lives even in remote rural areas.

Government leadership has retained the confidence of a grateful surviving citizenry. The Constitutional is rewritten. An unplanned political campaign introduces Alec McCandless to the new centers of power.  His personal path to great power has begun in the changed political landscape. That path would eventually bring us all to tectonic political revolution and The New American Republic.

The print version:

And the boxset image:


Author: kklawiter

Cover Artist and Photographer

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