Cover: “Aydia” by Phil Stern

Author Phil Stern is releasing his first of The Aydian Series, “Aydia“, a science fiction novel with a sweeping panorama of power, lust, and betrayal.

Now available in print and ebook!


BLURB: Aydia is the first book in The Aydian Series, a sweeping panorama of power, lust, and betrayal.

Following a half-century of peace, a distant planet is once again on the verge of war. Rayson Sacks, representing Aydia’s strongest nation, is desperately working to diffuse the crisis.

Saira Senten, a beautiful, powerful Srendian woman first “awakened” by Rayson years before, now seeks out her original lover. Cool and distant, Saira warns of a renewed totalitarian threat from Rayson’s closest associates.

Rayson must decide if he can trust Saira, who still blames him for her stunning, public fall from grace as an innocent college girl. Along the way, he must also confront Glayton Verax, a former college friend and current political rival, whose raging infatuation with the inexperienced Srendian undergraduate almost destroyed them all.

The past and present now collide in an erotic, shocking web of desire and deceit, with the future of an entire world hanging in the balance. For Rayson must somehow expose the intricate plot threatening them all, while once again embracing Saira’s reawakened fury, and uncontrollable desire, for the man who inadvertently altered her entire existence.

The print version:

and the matching facebook timeline cover image:


Author: kklawiter

Cover Artist and Photographer

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