Cover: “A New Vision” by George Wallace

The cover for book 5 in author George Wallace’s Ambler’s Travels Series, “A New Vision”.

Look for it coming soon to print and ebook!


BLURB: Alec McCandless created a new national political party. He nominates himself for the Presidency. He runs a slugfest campaign against political corruption, and is elected to the office of President of the New American Republic in a landslide. Using the New Constitution that he had helped write, Alec immediately seizes the reins of The Executive political, economic, judicial and military powers. He gathers both ‘de jure’ and ‘de facto’ controls to himself.

The criminals and ‘wrong-headed’ governmental parasites were swiftly removed from their offices and consigned to house arrest, chain-gang labor, or executed. Broad economic changes were force fed through all channels of government, reaching from small farms to giant industries, and even to foreign relations. Alec McCandless “revolutionized” government personally, with the force of his personality and convictions, at lightning quick speed. Dramatic changes were realized within months, and the new order was arranged according to his new vision.

That new vision changed our nation, our people, and our government into a more conservative, protective, secure State. Alec McCandless, saw it, created it, and built it to last. We the People are The New American Republic.

The print version:

And The Ambler’s Travels Serie’s Facebook Timeline Cover Image


Author: kklawiter

Cover Artist and Photographer

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