Cover: “Torc of Moonlight” by Linda Acaster

Author Linda Acaster wanted to update the cover to her novel “Torc of Moonlight“, the first in a paranormal thriller trilogy.

Look for it now in print and ebook!


BLURB: ‘Stay away from me. Don’t you understand? People close to me die.’

Nick believes Alice is overreacting. She’s been unlucky in her life, that’s all. Coincidences – they happen all the time.

It had been coincidence that they’d caught each other’s gaze across the lecture room, a trick of the light that had lifted her auburn hair. But is it coincidence that someone, some thing, is distancing him from his friends as the need to possess Alice builds?

Drawn into her obsession with finding the shrine to a Celtic water goddess, and drowning in sensual pleasure, Nick is in denial… until he sees a jewelled sword fade in his hand and knows that he, or the thing that shadows him, has held it, and bloodied it, long ago.

To tell Alice will make her flee. To stay silent could kill her.


The Print Version:

And the matching facebook timeline cover image:




Author: kklawiter

Cover Artist and Photographer

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