Cover: “Invasion” by George Wallace

Author George Wallace and I started working together to cover his science fiction  “Ambler’s Travels Series”. Starting with a recover on book one, “Invasion“.

Look for it now in print and ebook!


Your world is invaded. Within weeks, your home, your job, your ability to care for your family has disappeared. The disaster explodes. The economy and your government collapses. Power shifts. Strong men emerge. Revolution results. Huge populations are suddenly homeless, short of food, .and are forced to migrate. How do families like yours caught up in the whirlwind of cataclysm cope?
Steve Ambler witnessed the start of the crisis, was swept into service, and rose through the ranks. The series follows his career through adventures and exploits and his profound influence on tumultuous events. The pivotal McCandless family is caught by the disaster. This is the chronicle of their struggles to survive and thrive. The transformed world reforms their lives.
Book one, Invasion, sets the stage for Survival.


The print version:

Watch for book 2, “Survival”

Author: kklawiter

Cover Artist and Photographer

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