Warning: Another Non-cover Post with Lots of Pics

I wanted to do a post that had nothing to do with book covers.  Remember, this blog was created WAY before I started making book covers and was used for shameless self promotion. Not that I’m posting this to shamelessly self promote, ok, maybe a little, but not much. It’s actually another photography post.

I recently finished my second Critique Your Photography Class with Will Fields Photography Workshops, (who happens to be running a Living Social Deal) and thought I’d share some of the works that came from that time frame. Some were taken for the assignments, some just taken because I was in the groove. Warning! There’s a lot of pics again! The class was 4wks, but spaced over every other week. So I have 8 weeks worth 😛

The first assignment was to take a picture of the same spot/thing using the same camera settings at least two different times of the day trying to hit the magic hours to compare the lighting. Like Morning/Noon, Noon/Evening or throw a cloudy day in there. One thing that was really brought to my attention during this assignment, was the direction you were facing vs time of day. Such a silly thing, but I don’t think I ever gave it thought before.

These are all unedited, with the exception that I took the time to place them side by side and label the time of day. They were also all taken at Maplewood Lake in Jenison, Mi  I think I had more fun trying to find the exact spot again than anything else. LOL

And of course I had to take a couple and edit them just a tiny bit, if not just an auto contrast!!!

This next set wasn’t taken for an assignment. We had a Gale Wind Warning in Grand Haven, so a couple of us ran out to the pier one night.

Some of these I was playing with long exposure.

I’ve decided I really like taking night shots!

The next assignment was colors.  How color makes the picture.  Good thing we were at peak fall colors!

These were taken at Hagar Park, Jenison, Mi.

I like this one (above) because there’s naturally a rainbow. See how it goes from the red leaves to orange, yellow, green, and then finally the shadows on the bench are blue.

This one (above) I shot in HDR.

These next few were also shot for the color assignment, plus it was just before Halloween, and I just wanted to shoot pumpkins! They’re also in HDR.

Do YOU see the skull in the pumpkin? That was just how the smashed in part looked, not added!

And the last assignment was Backgrounds and Pos/Neg Space.

This one really didn’t have to do with the assignment, I just liked it!

And of course I had to do some of my kids.

Whew! That’s a lot of pics! I’m done now!

Don’t forget to check out Will Fields Photography Workshops and if you are in the Grand Rapids, Mi area, he’s running a Living Social Deal on select classes right now!

And, head over to his facebook page for a chance to win a free photography class or photo walk of your choice!



Author: kklawiter

Cover Artist and Photographer

7 thoughts on “Warning: Another Non-cover Post with Lots of Pics”

  1. Wow your photography is stunning! You need to promote yourself way more. I can stand the fact that so many people are not aware of your great art! Have you tried making an account on flickr?

  2. Thanks for the beautiful images… you have a real gift. I love the way you’ve done your signature/web address … wish I could figure out how to do that, but I am not a Photoshop person. Everything you do is elegant. I feel lucky to have found you…

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