Cover: “The Rose of Provins” by Ben Kreiselman

Author Ben Kreiselman is about to release his newest novel, “The Rose of Provins”. Check out the lovely new cover.

Look for it coming soon to ebook and print!


BLURB: Emma’s peaceful life was shattered with a fateful trip to the flea market; that was where she met him, the man that made her skin crawl.  For reasons she could not yet understand he had given her an old diary, and within the pages of the leather bound diary her dreams and nightmares were recorded as if by magic.  The dark man from the flea market troubled her, was he a stalker?  Why did he choose her to terrorize?  Her only hope to unravel the mystery of the diary and the horrifying dreams lies in the hands of strangers, and forces beyond her comprehension.



And the print cover:

And the facebook timeline cover image:


Author: kklawiter

Cover Artist and Photographer

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