Cover: “The Silver Eyed Prince” by VJ Dunraven

I recently started working on the covers for author VJ Dunraven’s Highest Royal Coven of Europe series. Here is book one, “The Silver Eyed Prince.”

Look for it coming soon to print and ebook!

BLURB: Do you believe in Destiny?

Elizabeth Hamilton certainly did not—until she met the dashing Prince William Erik XIV. The handsome but arrogant Prince pursues her in spite of the disparity in their social status. Against her better judgment, she found she could not resist falling for him. Then, just when she thought he sincerely cared for her, the secret of her identity unravels along with the discovery of his real intent, plunging her life into a dimension beyond her comprehension. Disoriented and heartbroken, Elizabeth is desperate to know the truth. Does he truly love her—or did he simply woo her out of the dire need to accomplish an inevitable royal obligation?

Prince William Erik XIV, sole heir to the throne of the Highest Royal Coven of Europe, has a crucial agenda. He has been searching for his Twin Flame, so that together, they can fulfill their destiny. The long-awaited Purification must come to pass in order for his people to continue to enforce the Divine Providence. Nothing must keep him from his goal—the preservation of humankind and the balance of nature depend upon him. The Prince had everything under control—until he met Elizabeth Hamilton—and discovered she was nothing like the one he had envisioned and waited for—for over a hundred years.


The print version:

The matching facebook timeline image:


Author: kklawiter

Cover Artist and Photographer

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