Cover (Partial):”A Fairy’s Guide to Disaster” by A.W. Hartoin

Partial? Yes a partial cover. Well, it is a full cover, but I only did part of it. Author A.W. Hartoin had commissioned a stunning front cover by artist/illustrator Matt Campbell for her upcoming Young Adult Novel “A Fairy’s Guide to Disaster” the first in her Away from Whipplethorn Series.

Where do I come in? Well she had asked me if I could do the Typography (the text), along with the back and spine for the print version. I thought instead of doing a plain solid color back and spine, we should continue the original painting to wrap the girls hair around it. Take a look!

BLURB: Tiny fairies. Huge adventure.

Matilda Whipplethorn is about to get what she’s always wanted, and it’s a bad thing. Being a babysitter isn’t much of a dream for the average thirteen-year-old, but Matilda is anything but average. She’s half a centimeter tall, invisible to the human eye, and hearing-impaired. Her mother won’t let her forget any of that. So for Matilda, adventures are in short supply. Finally agreeing to let Matilda take some responsibility, her mother gives her a list of emergency procedures for babysitting. The only problem; humans aren’t on the list.

Minutes into her first job, humans appear in isolated Whipplethorn Manor. They tear her home, the fireplace mantel, right off the wall of Whipplethorn and Matilda’s afternoon babysitting job goes long term.

When the mantel ends up on display in an antique mall, the security that Matilda always took for granted is gone. She can lock the doors, but that doesn’t keep the kids in or spriggans and the fly-eating phalanx fairies out. Matilda’s up for an adventure, if only she could hear it coming.

The full print cover.

My daughter is dying to read this. Look for it coming soon to ebook and print!


Author: kklawiter

Cover Artist and Photographer

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