Cover: “It Takes Two to Strangle” by Stephen Kaminski

Another cozy mystery brought to you from Cozy Cat Press, and one of their newest authors, Stephen Kaminski.  “It Takes Two to Strangle:  A Damon Lassard Dabbling Mystery”

Look for it coming soon to ebook and print!

BLURB: When the owner of a traveling carnival is strangled––not once but twice––on opening night of the summer fair in Hollydale, the police surmise he was not well liked.  As the head of Hollydale’s citizens association and local liaison with the carnival, Damon Lassard feels obligated to help his dear friend, Detective Gerry Sloman, solve the crime.  Damon is determined to bring the killer to justice, to the fascination of his mother, best gal pal Rebecca, and lovely local weather girl Bethany Krims.  To unravel the threads underpinning this peculiar mystery, Damon will travel far from Hollydale as his quest to find a murderer leads to the discovery of long hidden and horrific crimes.

It Takes Two to Strangle introduces Hollydale’s lovable neighborhood leader, Damon Lassard, and twists the dabbling detective through an intricate maze of greed, deception, and murder.


And the print cover:


Author: kklawiter

Cover Artist and Photographer

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