Cover: “Relative Strangers” by Shirley Heaton

Author Shirley Heaton had contacted me about redoing the ebook cover for her romance novel, “Relative Strangers” And this is what we came up with.

Look for it on ebook!

BLURB: ‘Momentarily she froze and sent up a silent plea. Please, please don’t let them take my baby!’ The words seared through her mind as the officer approached. He was inches away now. Would he recognise her?

This multi-stranded story of desertion, sexual attraction and biological intrigue touches upon complex and emotive personal issues, and is driven, not by vice and its effects, but by the love that prevails throughout. Lovers of romantic suspense will find a story with a difference in Shirley Heaton’s Relative Strangers.

Unaware of what the future holds, Danielle leaves her home in France to study at Edinburgh University. When she falls ill, tests reveal she has a rare blood type, which no family member can match. In desperation, devoted stepfather, Marcel hires private investigator, Clarisse to help in his urgent mission to find a donor.

Clarisse unlocks the past and unravels secret evidence, exposing the lives of others, including the former lovers of those involved. When Marcel discovers relationships are not what they appear, the ghosts of the past crowd in to haunt him and, with new leads to follow, the hunt against the clock takes them back nineteen years in their intensive search throughout England and Australia.

As Danielle’s background unfolds, she begins to question her true identity. ‘I don’t know who I am anymore, except that I must be somebody nobody wanted.’

And the matching facebook timeline cover image.


Author: kklawiter

Cover Artist and Photographer

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