Cover: “Secrets Clad in Light” by Kyra Gregory

Author Kyra Gregory contacted me about one of my premade covers saying it had the right mood and backdrop for her upcoming novel, just needed a few changes. So we made some adjustments, and created a print and ebook cover for “Secrets Clad in Light.”

Look for it coming soon to print and ebook!


Despite the conventions of London in the 19th Century Henry has confidently vowed to take the one he loves, Seth, out of his cruelly abusive household and, no matter how many times he has replayed the moment in his head, has always known it would not be easy. He had never thought that he would be would be too late.

By something Henry has likened to a miracle Seth is breathing shallowly, leaving him with decisions to make. Should he try to save him at the risk of making him suffer and get his own hopes up? Or let him go as comfortably as possible? As though time does not put him under enough pressure a young stranger forces him to make decisions that will change the way he has imagined his entire life and of those around him.

Henry must learn to fight his self-doubt long enough to make these choices, using this stranger as a light to shine on what he hopes is the right path… All the while aware that there is still so much he doesn’t know yet…

Print cover:

And the matching facebook timeline cover image:


Author: kklawiter

Cover Artist and Photographer

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