Cover: “Echo of Chaos” by Crystal D. Budy

Book 3 of author Crystal D. Budy’s North Coast Mystery Series, “Echo of Chaos” is now available in print and ebook! Have a look at the new cover.


Special Agents Rob Karlton and Stevie Winters are not what anyone would call friends. When they are assigned to locate not just the several million dollars worth of valuables that have been stolen from Councilman Joseph DeGlauser’s home but his missing ex-wife as well, these two agents are forced to put aside their differences. They must try and weed their way through the many enemies in the Councilman’s sordid career while the rest of the violent crimes unit tries to solve the murder of two of DeGlauser’s peers. Did Councilman DeGlauser stage the break-in to get rid of his leech of an ex-wife? Are the murders, disappearance, and burglary connected? Was this the work of a professional or someone angry with the politician’s ultra-conservative views?
Join the Cleveland FBI’s Violent Crimes Unit as they attempt to unravel the hidden agendas of those involved as they wind through the seedy underbelly of the local political scene.
And the print cover:
Look for it coming soon to eBook and Print!

Author: kklawiter

Cover Artist and Photographer

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