Cover: “From the Ashes” by Melissa Myers

The cover art for book 3 of Melissa Myer’s Elder Blood Chronicles, “From the Ashes” is done!

Look for the series on eBook, and soon to print!

BLURB: Vezradesh…in the Firym language that single word represents the heart, the soul, and eternity. For Jala Merrodin the word has a single definition…Finn. Devastated by his loss Jala embarks into hell itself to free his soul. Time is against her however as she struggles to save him.

The world above is torn by the chaos of war and her allies are besieged on all sides by blights. If she doesn’t move swiftly Jala may lose her only chance to raise Merro from the ashes.






Print Cover:


Author: kklawiter

Cover Artist and Photographer

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