Cover: “The Blessed Curse” by Melissa Myers

Book 4 for Melissa Myers’s The Elder Blood Chronicles, “The Blessed Curse” is done. We jumped over book 2 and 3 so she could have #4 ready for release this June.


BLURB: The smoke of battle has cleared and Sanctuary lies in near ruin. The
power of the High Houses has shifted, leaving the former leaders of the world dependent on their allies for shelter against the chaos of
the current times.  The threat of the Blights looms larger than ever with no sign of anyone to stand before them.

As tempers begin to fray and the uneasy alliance slowly falls apart,Neph departs for Delvay in a desperate attempt to rebuild his
shattered homeland and face the coming storm.  His people are few and his land is controlled by enemies, but in the heart of Delvay rests the secret that may save them all — If he can master the magic to awaken it.

The Aspects of Sanctuary are always listening, though, and even when it appears that all hope is lost, Neph’s past returns to haunt him and offer the key to the future he is trying to rebuild.




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Look for it coming soon to print and eBook!


Author: kklawiter

Cover Artist and Photographer

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