A Non-Cover Post

Look! I’m posting about something that isn’t book cover related! I’m taking a break from covers, well for the weekend 😛 I was really bored today, refused to ‘work’, it was raining outside, and I didn’t want to clean.  So I got my camera out, ran outside through the rain to pick a few flowers that are in bloom (left the camera in the house), and thought I’d play with my macro lens.

My husband bought me a macro lens flash for Christmas the year before last. It takes AAA, and EVERY time I go to try it, I didn’t have any batteries! So it’s been sitting in my camera bag for what? A year and a half now? Well today I had batteries!

I set up a small backdrop, dug out the tripod, swapped to the macro lens,  hooked up the never used flash and started shooting. This flash thing is pretty cool. I was able to play with lighting on a small scale. It’s a lower end flash. Not one that actually attaches to the lens, but instead is on a bendable arm. (Found one on Amazon.) The bendable arm is pretty neat because I can move it around and change the lighting directions, not just center it with the lens.

Everything I shot today, I shot in black and white, was just the mood I was in I guess. I have been looking at a lot of older work from photographers such as Imogen Cunningham, and Edward Weston, so I suppose you could say that was influencing me a bit.

The shots are all as is….as in NO PHOTOSHOP! Shocking isn’t it??? The only correction between camera and computer was file size, and slapping my name in the corner. I had to force myself not to adjust the contrast, or crop, or tint, or high light, or open the curves, or add layers of texture and dodge and burn, and and…oh sorry..was getting away from myself there a bit.

Anyways…here’s some eye candy for your Saturday evening. Though I imagine most people have better things to do on a Saturday night, unlike me.

Azalea Blossoms

Bleeding Hearts



Author: kklawiter

Cover Artist and Photographer

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