Facebook Timeline Covers

All of you rolling your eyes, refusing change (like I was) suck it up and get with the program! Facebook’s new timelines are here, but are you ready?

Honestly, I never gave the timeline covers any thought. I just kept clicking the “not now” button. Then earlier this week, I had an author contact me asking if I knew where she could find an image she might be able to use for her facebook cover. I had already done her eBook cover, so I had all the files. Putting something together for her wasn’t a big deal. Then after that, I did my own. And from all that, I have decided to offer facebook cover images as part of my services.

For the time being, I will offer a Facebook timeline cover image FREE with the purchase of a eBook/book cover. That image could take parts of your book covers imagery, to promote that specific book, like this one, created with the image from my pre-made cover “The Lost Girl”:

Or a basic image containing the book(s) as an actual book and your info, like you see here:

Or just a snazzy design with your author information. It’s up to you!


If you don’t need a book cover designed right now, but do want to update your facebook timeline cover image, for a limited time I will be offering that service for $10 per image!  Send me an e-mail at kklawiter@gmail.com.


And just in case you are curious, this is what I am currently using for my facebook fan page cover image:


Author: kklawiter

Cover Artist and Photographer

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