Cover: “Perplexity on P ½” by Sharon Rose

The latest in covers, “Perplexity on P ½”, the second installment of Sharon Rose’s Parson Cove Cozy Mysteries. A cozy mystery novel brought to you by Cozy Cat Press. The novel will be available in print and eBook soon, so look for it on Amazon and Smashwords!

BLURB:  Mabel Wickles never won anything in her life.  So when she found herself one of five winners in a national contest, with the grand prize an all-expense paid trip to Las Vegas, she rejoiced.  However, when Mabel got back to her regular life in tiny Parson’s Cove, she expected things to return to normal.

    But the excitement is just beginning for Mabel.  Shortly after coming home from her trip, Mabel discovers one of her fellow prize winners dead in the local morgue.  Who would want to kill this woman–Grace Hobbs–and what was she doing in Parson’s Cove?  The only person in Parson’s Cove who knows anything about Grace is Mabel, and all she knows is from the brief time she spent with Grace in Las Vegas.  Could Grace’s death and her unexplained presence in Mabel’s hometown spell danger for Mabel?  Mabel isn’t going to just wait around to find out.  She decides to investigate.

    When Mabel’s detecting leads her and her lifelong buddy, Flori Flanders, to Yellow Rose, a sleepy Texas gulf port town, and a row of several homes on a small avenue located as an afterthought between P Street and Q Street, Mabel and Flori discover what true perplexity is.  As they become further entrenched in this widespread mystery, these two feisty ladies are determined to solve the contest winner’s death–and find out what’s going on Avenue P½.


Author: kklawiter

Cover Artist and Photographer

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