Cover 2: “The Catcher of the Guy” by Emma Wulff

You may have noticed a previous post for the cover of the upcoming book, “The Catcher of the Guy: A Girl’s Guide to Getting the Guy” written by Emma Wulff, but there is a second cover. The book may be released with either cover, or both covers. The final decision has not been made yet. So keep your eyes peeled!

BLURB: We’ve all met a Catcher. The girl men fall over themselves to get an inch closer to, the girl who’s enigmatic charm seems effortless, the girl with the intriguing ability to capture the attention of even the most elusive of men. Annoying, isn’t she? But jealousy aside … how does she do it?

Packed with real life examples, anecdotes and case studies, this book examines the inner workings of the Catcher, unravelling the mystery behind her magnetic allure, revealing what gives her the edge over game players and highlighting why men will always choose a self esteem queen Catcher over a woman who bends over backwards for him. From the secret of her charm offensive to why a Catcher never sits around analysing whether a guy is ‘into her’ or not, this dating holy grail reveals all, setting you on the path to relationship success; the path to finding the Catcher in you.


Author: kklawiter

Cover Artist and Photographer

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