Sad day for me.

I got my postcard from Festival of the Arts today. All four of my entries were not accepted. I thought for sure, at least one would get accepted. Oh well, life goes on right? I guess my submissions just weren’t what the judges were looking for. These are the four I entered.

Echinacea Dark Dreams – 20×30 print matted to a 24×36 frame

Ephemeral Partings – 20×20 canvas print

Pale Perception L – 12×24 print, gatorboard mounted, framed, no mat

Death of a Light Bulb – 12×20 print, framed, no mat

I know, when I dropped off the work, there was some confusion about where to place these pieces. What media to claim them as. I had written Photography for all but Pale Perception L, I just listed that as digital. One person wanted to put them all in with the photography. I know they placed the 3 as photography, but I never found out where Pale Perception went. I did tell them there was no form of photography involved in that image.  I didn’t see any of the other entries, so I don’t know if there is a lot of photomanipulation, or if my images are too edited for this competition.  This thought process got me thinking, there really aren’t a lot of art competitions that favor digital art.  My abstracts are all digital, and I know they aren’t bad because I have sold quite a few, but where do they fit in in today’s art world? I need to find someplace, or a competition for strictly digital works. Maybe I should start my own 🙂

Getting my rejection letter today really depressed me, but then I reminded myself of the sales of my work. If I wasn’t a very good artist, then I would not have sold anything. This being the first time I have actually put myself out there, in the ‘real world’ as  an artist, just made it that much worse. But, I have to remind myself, I just didn’t suite these particular judges tastes.  Maybe next time, if I decide to try again.


Author: kklawiter

Cover Artist and Photographer

3 thoughts on “Sad day for me.”

  1. I just don’t understand it myself…these are all very professional works…And I mean that. I can see why you have sold some of your wonders. They work very well in today’s society. I can see these 4 in doctor’s offices…libraries…AND MODERN ART MUSEUMS.

    Don’t let that bother you. I know it’s easier for people to console and support. And as an amateur artist like myself, I understand the rejection symptoms. But you have nothing to worry about. You will make it in this world of Photography if you continue to produce works like these.

    I know the words like wow! excellent! or you really rock! just doesn’t cut it sometimes when you need input and uplifting. BUT, they all do really apply here. I get artist’s block at times thinking of what I can do next…and it really peeves me to just comment with a limited vocabulary like commentator’s block…lol.

    So I will say something special and unique to describe these 4 works of talent…


  2. Karri, your work inspires me to try new things. I’m sorry that you had to face rejection, but I think that the first jolt in any endeavor has to get out of the way. It’s sort of inevitable. I don’t know of anyone in history who managed to avoid some sort of rejection.

    Do you talk about how you find the creative part of you here? I’m reading all that I can about the subject.

    See you at RedBubble!


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