Weekly Themed Features – Still Life

Sorry, I have been a little behind on these here. I have had a lot going on in life. This weeks featured theme is Still Life. These beautiful works of art were chosen from A Photographer’s Craft. Please enjoy these works, and don’t forget to check out the artist’s personal pages, where you can view more of their gorgeous work!

“Harmonious Shells”
by Maria Medeiros
An instant classic. Huddled together, these shells make a beautiful image. Maria Medeiros washes you away to a sunny beach full of relaxation.

“Nails and Nuts Figure”
by VashR31
Funny, adorable, and an eye catcher for almost anyone. These everyday items come together in an imaginative piece of art caught on camera by VashR31.

“Want a Bagel”
by Miron Abramovici
Although this is not your typical still life, Miron Abramovici captures a wonderful, artistic, almost primal vision within a pair of rocks. Who doesn’t want a bagel?

“Still Life”
by Adriana Glackin
Adriana Glackin creativily captures the classic fruit bowel still life using the unique technique of painting with light, giving an old classic, and stunning new look.

by Rose Atkinson
With beautiful composure and great lighting, Rose Atkinson gives us a gorgeous piece of Lilies in a window sill.

“Still Hooked”
by Debbie Black
Using amazing perspection and great use of negative space, Debbie Black takes an everyday, normal item, and turns it into a wonderful piece of art.

Don’t forget to visit The Gift of Art, where all proceeds go to charity.


Author: kklawiter

Cover Artist and Photographer

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