Weekly Themed Features-Emotional Attachment

This week’s feature theme is Emotional Attachment. These beautiful works of art were chosen from A Photographer’s Craft. Please enjoy these works, and don’t forget to check out the artist’s personal pages, where you can view more of their gorgeous work!


“Sister Two” by Adrian Rachele

“This image was taken of my sister-in-law after our visit to Auschwitz.
We went to a bar in the old Jewish quarter of Krakow, to have a drink and reflect.
I think this image best displays our feelings at the time. A feeling none of us had ever experienced before. To have been, too see, to smell such a place of despair and death.” – Adrian Rachele


“Waiting to Say Goodbye”
by Dana DiPasquale
“This photograph has a very special meaning to me. I was visiting with my aunt and uncle, the family gathered, waiting to attend funeral services for a beloved uncle that has passed away. The night before we did our best to enjoy each other’s company and joke around like we usually do, but mostly we were just trying to get through the night so we could say our goodbyes in the morning. I saw these antique children’s chairs that my aunt had and decided to spend some time taking photos of them to get my mind off of things. I brought the chair out to the garage so that the smooth, rich wood would be in stark contrast to the rough, stained concrete floor. A running theme throughout my photography is viewing objects from new perspectives, so as I stood on a ladder that I found and tried taking photographs without falling, my uncle walked by and laughed at me. “You’re taking a picture of a chair?” he said. I told him “You just wait – this will be a masterpiece!” but I am pretty sure he didn’t believe me. The photograph turned out exactly the way I had envisoned, a sense of being in a room but high above it like an omnipotent source, alone, expecting someone to be there who isn’t, a bit of a faded memory. This fine art piece hangs on my own wall, and I smile when I see it for it is a reminder of the family I love.” – Dana DiPasquale


“On Her Way”
by Sue Wickham

And she is on her way, The veil conceals a single tear, Her Father holds a shaking hand and the limousine pulls away.
They talk of nothing really, “You’ll always be my little girl”, he says, as they pull into the Church, and the veil conceals a single tear.
The organist plays, and everyone stands, This time she holds her Dad’s shaking hand, There is no veil to conceal his tears, and the longest walk of his life begins.
“Who gives this Woman”, a nod of consent, A secret glance, and exchange of vows, For now and forever, for better for worse, And she is on her way…
” -Sue Wickham

Author: kklawiter

Cover Artist and Photographer

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